Matt's Story

For the past nine months our 12 year old son has been battling with vocal tics.  In the beginning they were hardly noticeable.  We acknowledged them, but wern't sure if we should be concerned.  After looking on the internet it seemed there was no cause for alarm as several websites stated tics were perfectly normal and would go away on their own. 


After two months the vocal tics became more noticeable and more frequent.  We went to the doctor and he confirmed that it was in fact a tic disorder.  He said he had seen it a lot in boys his age and that they usually grow out of it.  He associated it with the fact he is a growing boy, entering puberty, under stress with the family issues and possibly could have an allergy to something.  He told us not to draw attention to them.  Just act as if you don't hear them.  He also suggested they might be an involuntary way he gets attention.  I realized this is much more complicated than I could imagine.

After seeing the doctor it was only a matter of a few days and the tics became even worse.  They began to increase in volume and frequency.  He would have them from the time he woke until the time he fell asleep.  No periods of relief... just constant tics.  They began to change from a 'Humm' to a screaching sound.

Then we sought counseling.  After seeing a counselor, the tics decreased in volume for a few weeks.  The counselor also said they would go away on their own. He suggested they were stress related.

They ramped up to an extreme level.  The vocal tics were louder, he was having them almost 10 per minute.  They were totally involuntary but at times he was able to control them until I think he thought he would explode.  They increased to about 30-40 tics per minute.  We felt terrible for our son.  He was begining to withdraw.  We noticed the only time the tics stopped was when he played his guitar or when he slept.  We took him off all video games for one week... no improvment.  We scoured the internet for HOPE it had been nine long months since the tics began.

We went back to the doctor for allergy testing.  In the mean time we began changing his diet, added a probiotic, an antifungal, vitamins (Dr. Ron’s Ultra Pure Doc’s Best the Next Generation), decreased sugars, processed foods, gluten and dairy at the recommendation of a webinar I watched titled “Biology of Behavior” by Dianne Craft.  After all this we did see a minor decrease in the tics.  We also purchased the book “Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourettes”.  We devoured it searching for help.  It is the best book available on the subject.  It seemed that for our son Matthew, diet was the main trigger,  Sugars, corn etc... however there are environmental factors that can also play a big role. 

It was hard to accept the reality that our lives were quickly changing.  The allergist said he was extreemly allergic to dust mites. So we got special covers for his matress, bought new pillows and completely cleaned out his bedroom of every spec of dust.  We also cleaned the whole house.  We thought we'd see an improvment... NO improvment.  The tics were loud and frequent.  Very difficult to bare.  We began to look at every thing he ate.  We started reading every ingredient on every package.  We looked at all the ingredients on his shampoo, deodorant, hand soap, and toothpaste. We were looking for anything that might make him tic.  We were on a mission to figure out how to decrease these tics.

My mom works with a Bio Chemist friend that developed a product called Lutimax, a powerful antioxidant formula.  I’ve known about it for several years yet I didn’t think about it for Matthew's tics.  My mom suggested to our son that he go visit with her friend to learn more about this product and our sons’ condition.  We are skeptics! We read about a lot of bazaar treatments and we were not going to put our son on any of the drugs that are suggested for treatment.  So we went on May 10, 2011 to see her friend. 

When we arrived he got right down to business.  He asked Matthew how he felt.  If he knew what caused him to feel that way? Then he began to tell him about the affects of sugar (carbohydrates) on the body, specifically on the neurological system.   After, we decided to give the product a try.  It’s a natural dietary supplement so we felt there were limited risks.  He gave our son one lozenge and showed him how to dissolve it in his mouth.  We continued our conversation for about ten minutes.  I noticed our son begin to relax.  It took almost an hour to get home.  During the ride home he didn’t make one vocal sound for 50 minutes and his countenance was definitely changing.  He was not edgy.   

We arrived home and he made a few noises but they tapered off very quickly.  We gave him the prescribed dosage 30 minutes before dinner and again before bed time.  The next morning he woke with a few squeaks, a major improvment.   I gave him the prescribed lozenges immediately.  He stopped.  Throughout the day there were a couple times he made some noise but it was tolerable, a few little squeaks then nothing for long periods of time.  Thursday he woke without one single vocalization till almost noon, then very few throughout the day. We homeschool so I am very aware of the times he makes the noise.

I can honestly say he is 98% cured.  We have our son back! Praise the LORD. It is obivious that sugar plays a huge key to the tics.  We also know their are other foods that trigger his tics and we still have to figure out what they are, however the Luti-Max changed his life!

There is a lot of information out there regarding tics.  We are huge skeptics.  However, we feel obligated to share our experience with others suffering from the effects of tic disorders.  We have no idea if what we have experienced will work for others but we strongly encourage others to give it a try.   The results we experienced were genuine and quick.  We would love to share our testimony with anyone that responds.